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What Makes Us Different?


You’ll find that working with Sagemark Consulting is a unique experience. Our planning process puts the emphasis on you and your needs, not on a prepackaged set of solutions or ideas. We are committed to providing you with the information you need to make timely, informed decisions about your financial future. The benefits of this approach are quickly apparent – you enjoy a greater understanding of the impact of various options and are better positioned to make the best possible decisions for yourself and your family.

In addition to our educational approach, there are other benefits that a Sagemark Consulting representative can offer – benefits such as:


We do not claim to be all things to all people. We work with high net worth business owners, professionals, executives and retirees – people who are responsible, respected leaders in their industries, professions and communities. By limiting our scope, we have developed a detailed understanding of the unique problems and opportunities that our clients face. And that translates into our ability to help you achieve your goals.

The model approach

Effective planning is only possible with the help of good modeling. Our proprietary software allows us to create an individualized financial condition model that:

  • Addresses your needs and objectives in a way that fully takes into account the long-term impact of taxation, inflation and each of the financial strategies you have already implemented or plan to implement;
  • Projects your annual cash flow – income and expenses – and your asset growth over the full length of your life expectancy;
  • Estimates, at various points in time, the size of your net worth, your savings and investments, and your estate.

With our sophisticated modeling, we can help you determine the adequacy of your current financial situation, show how a given planning strategy that you have already implemented or are considering compares to other available strategies, and demonstrate what happens to your current plan if you should experience significant changes in your personal or family situation, taxes, inflation or investment returns.

Bringing it all together

Many of our clients have trusted, long-term advisors – perhaps an attorney, a CPA or both – who have done much of their planning work (wills, trusts, business agreements, retirement plans, etc.). Our work supplements and coordinates the services these advisors provide. While each of your existing advisors is a focused specialist, we look at the various pieces of your financial picture and put them together by using a crossdisciplinary approach to help meet your objectives. We also work closely with your advisors to ensure that the alternatives you choose complement any existing business, estate tax or investment strategies.

Strategy implementation

In addition to outlining various alternatives for your consideration, we can, if you desire, help you to implement the decisions you make. Through our registered investment advisor, Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., you will have access to asset allocation and financial planning services. In addition, through Lincoln and other companies, we offer an extensive portfolio of insurance products, including individual and survivorship whole life, universal life and variable universal life, as well as term insurance. To complete our portfolio, we also offer a full range of investment products through our broker/dealer, Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp.

With access to so many products and companies, you can be confident that we will provide you with some of the most innovative, appropriate and objective solutions to your financial situation.